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In Machu Picchu Kingdom of the Incas Empire, we want every person who visits our country, besides being our customer – tourist feel at home, create a bond of great confidence, we want to be the strategic partner in his time free in Peru, which allows you to live an unforgettable experience with archeology and culture alive.

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"Machu Picchu Kingdom"

All this, always in the hands of a dedication to quality and service excellence team, organize your trip so that you feel confident that you can enjoy the most of your trip to Peru without worries of any kind, also We consider ourselves ambassadors this great destination, cradle of the Inca civilization we want every one of our customers to absorb our ancient culture with many traditions still alive as in the past, admiring all the archaeological heritage, historical, artistic of all peoples inhabiting this vast territory enjoying filled landscape scenes of natural life and the tastes and flavors that has our varied and exquisite cuisine.


unique and memorable experiences, do not let them to  tell you, BE PART OF HISTORY …….INCA !!!!!!!!! enjoy and book now 

“COME VISIT PERU!!! We have everything ready for an amazing experience in the land of the Inkas,… incredible remains of the greatest civilization in the ancient America, etherial places, incredible nature, wonderful wildlife, misterious archaeologhy, fascinating people, professional hosts, high quality accomodations..we are all awaiting for your kind visit in such a great time and weather!!!! 

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Machu Picchu Kingdom

Discover with “Machupicchu Kingdom” the Inca culture, the Andes, the Amazon jungle, Lake Titicaca, the Colca Canyon, the Cotahuasi Canyon, the Nasca and Paracas lines in the south of Peru. Yoo can visit: Nasca, Arequipa, Cusco, Puno, the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, the Manu Biosphere Reserve, the Tambopata National Reserve and many attractive tours in the south of Peru like river rafting, horse riding, traditional tours and much more.

Machu Picchu Kingdom

We will work to plan your next vacation

We can help you build your itinerary. Just give us your time frame and your interests, and we will develop some proposals on how to best use your time while visiting our country. We want you to get the most out of your trip and we will work hard to make sure you have an unforgettable experience in this special place.

We will include our advice on the cities to visit, the tours and activities that will satisfy your interests and the accommodation options that best suit your needs.

You don’t have to buy all-inclusive tours or book complete itineraries. We allow you the freedom to choose your best options and have the security to book the services you consider most important.

As natives and locals, we know these Inca trails like the back of our hands and are passionate about protecting our natural and most precious resources. Unfortunately other companies are not so attentive and we are concerned about the environmental impact. We hope to lead by example, providing excellent service while conserving and respecting our natural resources and our people.Machu Picchu Kingdom

Trabajaremos para planear tus proximas vacaciones

Podemos ayudarte a construir tu itinerario. Sólo denos su marco de tiempo y sus intereses, y desarrollaremos algunas propuestas sobre la mejor manera de utilizar su tiempo mientras visita nuestro país. Queremos que saques el máximo provecho de tu viaje y trabajaremos duro para asegurarnos de que tengas una experiencia inolvidable en este lugar tan especial.

Incluiremos nuestro asesoramiento sobre las ciudades a visitar, los tours y actividades que satisfagan sus intereses y las opciones de alojamiento que mejor se ajusten a sus necesidades.

No es necesario que compre tours con todo incluido o que reserve itinerarios completos. Le permitimos la libertad de elegir sus mejores opciones y tener la seguridad de reservar los servicios que considere más importantes.

Como nativos y locales, conocemos estos caminos incaicos como la palma de nuestras manos y nos apasiona proteger nuestros recursos naturales y más preciados. Desafortunadamente otras empresas no están tan atentas y nos preocupa el impacto ambiental. Esperamos liderar con el ejemplo, dándoles un excelente servicio mientras conservamos y respetamos nuestros recursos naturales y a nuestra gente.

“Machu Picchu Kingdom”

We offer you an excellent service.

We are the “Machu Picchu Kingdom” dedicated exclusively to you and your dream trip. We have an advanced online reservation system and our extensive experience in tourism makes us one of the leading companies in Cusco in our field.

We work with highly trained staff and are always willing to provide you with a completely personalized service. That is why we have not neglected any detail and it is precisely thinking of you that we put at your disposal our totally renewed and modern web page and where you participate directly in the elaboration of your travel itinerary.

We have thought about the previous information that you need for your trip, you will find not only a description of the main places and attractions of the city of Cusco, but also we indicate you what you should take into account before, during and when you leave Peru.


We are travelers like you, experts in Peruvian culture; we have explored all of Peru in search of the best routes and destinations; we are a serious company where we only work with the best (restaurants, hotels and adventure activities); we will be attentive to your questions and we will offer you the best destinations for your budget.


Our mission at Machu Picchu Kingdom of the Inca Empire, it is to provide high standards of tourist services in Peru, with top-level human resources with good scientific knowledge of humanistic improvement that contribute to the integral development of society and conservation of heritage tourism (PRESERVE tourism product), plus the support of leaders of the tourism industry and professionals with high sense of responsibility and competitiveness now that we have a customer (tourist), with the demands of the globalized world and participate in creating new destinations tourist and get a just, balanced with all the principles of integrity, respect and innovation.


Machu Picchu Kingdom of the Inca Empire, is aimed to be a travel agency and tourism leader in the region, Peru, later to be recognized internationally for its innovative character and thanks to achieve satisfied and loyal customers (synergies) more a qualified and committed to maintaining a culture of excellence and integrity to our customers and understand geared to meet their needs, fulfill our promises, make our services achieve an impact with quality and excellence values. Know and do what is morally and ethically right, look to do the best surpassing customer expectations, only then will we be committed to the pursuit of greater benefits and added values ​​to our customer (tourist). Purpose and main essence in our organization of travel and tourism.