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Machupicchu Amazon

  • Machu Picchu y Cuenca del Amazonas 8 Dias con Inotawa Lodge

    Desde: US$ 3106.75

    Machu Picchu y Cuenca del Amazonas 8 Dias con Inotawa Lodge

    Nombre del viaje: Machu Picchu y Selva Amazónica. Duración del Viaje: 8 Días. Tipo de Servicio: Tour Grupo Organizado. Tipo itinerario: Personalizado Destinos: Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Selva Amazónica. Actividades:…

  • Amazon Basin 4D with Posada Amazonas

    Desde: US$ 1679.00

    Amazon Basin 4D with Posada Amazonas

    Trip name: Amazon Basin Trip Length: Days Type service: Group Tour Type itinerary: Customize Destinations: Amazon Jungle Activities: Culture and History / Trekking and Walking Difficulty / Physical Activity ***…

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Machu Picchu Kingdom of the Incas Empire

Peru is in the central, western part of South America. Peru has an area of ​​1’285,215 km2 Of this amount, 12% is 3,080 km. beaches and coastal cliffs desert crossed by 50 rivers flowing into the sea, while 28% is absorbed by the Andes reaching heights of 3,000 to 6,000 m. with the peak in 6768 masl Huascaran. The Amazon rainforest covers the remaining 60% of the country with lush vegetation and rivers that flow into the Amazon, the widest, deepest and longest river on the planet.

Peru a country with deep-rooted traditions and identity. The wonder of the world Machu Picchu, perhaps the most visited of Peru icon, the lost city of the Incas possesses a mystical energy and universal appeal only where the feeling of communion with the past and its spirits truly captivate. Other attractions are the city of Cusco, the cradle of the Inca civilization, where ancient remains of sacred temples reflected. The capital Lima is an important destination of cultural interest, the Nazca lines with his enigmatic art only observable on the ground from the top, the famous Colca Canyon located in the white city of Arequipa, after the border city of Puerto Maldonado make fascinating jungle tours which is a green paradise and finally we can not fail to mention the lake Titicaca considered the highest navigable planet.

We open the doors to everyone as minds, share our stories and hearts of most secret places so our work is our passion, is based on professionalism, knowledge, evaluation and continuous improvement in the tourism industry call be the industry without chimneys.

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