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Machu Picchu Tours

Machupicchu Sanctuary With an extension that includes a little more than 35,000 hectares, Machupicchu Historic Sanctuary is much more than a group of archeological sites located in the rugged cloud forest. Its strategic location, on the eastern slope of the Andes and on both banks of the Urubamba River, which runs in a northwestern direction along this stretch, allows this unique protected area to encompass what could be considered one of the most extraordinary altitudinal transects in Peru and protect, over some twenty linear kilometers, ecosystems as diverse as the eternal snows, at more than 4,000 m, and the torrid tropical forests, at just over 1,700 m.

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Machupicchu is pure mysticism and an overwhelming spirituality. It is a monument to the relationship between the human and the divine, the everyday and the magical, an approach of man, creature of the gods, to the truly divine. It is a place where the strange forces of nature transport us to an incomparable cosmic state, an inner state that can only be experienced in Machupicchu.

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