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Three things you should know: I am deaf, I don't speak or read Spanish, and at the time I was traveling alone. This would be a tricky combination of factors for any traveling company to work with. Antonio Loayza (who owns the company) of Sightseeing Tours literally did $1000.00 worth of work for a quarter of that price. I emailed him a few months before the trip, told him I'd like to go to Machu Picchu AND see the 'lesser ruins' closer to Cusco. Not only did he go about getting all of my tickets for me, but he also met with me repeatedly over the course of the few days I was in Cusco to go over my itinerary and make sure I understood everything that would happen, who was to pick me up, drop me off, etc. He even called ahead to Aguas Calientes (the train stop below Machu Picchu) to make sure someone would get me from the actual train stop to the bus that would take me up the mountain. I urge you to consider what this is like for a person who is deaf. I've traveled alone in numerous ENGLISH-speaking countries so that I could at least fall back on written English if communication broke down. So you can understand I was a bit nervous... not scared but nervous (justifiably so) about traveling in a country where I didn't know the language. It was greatly reassuring to know someone had my back the entire time. He was SO helpful! I really appreciate all the work he did, and my trip was just FANTASTIC because of it. I highly recommend that person! ANTONIO LOAYZA PEREZ.

For Americans (which I am), if this is your first time traveling in South America, rest assured, being picked up at the airport by someone from this company, regardless of how much later you are going to Machu Picchu after you land, is entirely normal. This didn't happen to me because I never took cabs (this might be an overblown fear circulating on the internet but I played it safe). My hotel was very near the cathedrals and museums, so I walked. Don't be nervous when Antonio says they'll pick you up. Also don't be nervous about the personal info sheet they ask you to fill out. It's a routine thing, something that they use to recommend sites in the area and places you might like to eat, visit, etc. Antonio knows all kinds of people and business owners in the city and he makes first-rate recommendations. Trust him.

AMAZING trip! Best decision I ever made, to go with Antonio Loayza & Tours! Awesome vacation!

Christopher Heur

highly recommended

This was perhaps the best tour I have ever been privileged to partake in my entire life. The service was impeccable. I used Viator for everything on this trip beginning with the airport transfer to the hotel in Cusco, as well as another tour of Cusco and Sacsayhuaman, the latter being equally as excellent as Machu Picchu. The local tour company, called ANTONIO LOAYZA PEREZ, contracted by Viator, really deserves credit.
I especially want to honor the local licensed tour consultant/coordinator, Juan Antonio Loayza Perez. This gentleman was amazing. He truly takes care of his clients. I was blown away how good he was to me personally, and owe him a great many thanks. This company was efficient and reliable and punctual. They were friendly, cordial, and safe. I never felt threatened. They even greeted me with a much needed bottle of water! A special to Juan Antonio Loayza Perez, who quickly sent a cab back to my hotel to pick up a camera for me that I had forgotten. That was a life saver for the rest of my trip. Thank you!!!

Eric H

Great Tours

Greate Tours did an amazing job scheduling and planning our vacation to Peru.

My wife and I travel quite extensively, and this far tours has been the best travel agency we have ever utilized. ANTONIO LOAYZA PEREZ.

We were on a tight schedule (9 days), and thus we needed everything to go smoothly. Antonio (the owner) ensured that every day's agenda item was on time and perfect. We say many many many tourists who did not have a travel agent or their travel agent failed them. We say many people waiting around for rides, waiting for tour guides, etc. etc. the Tours ensured we were there on time and everything went according to plan!

Antonio even custom made our travel package, since we wanted to visit a few austere locations. Antonio even picked us up from the airports and called us every night to ensure we were satisfied!

I highly recommend the tours and Antonio. I am recommending his services to all of my friends. If you use, you will not be disappointed.

Trip Advisor Carolina del Norte USA

Muy agradecidos

Estimado Antonio, agradecemos muy sinceramente todas las molestias, paciencia y tiempo que amablemente nos brindasteis para solucionarnos y atendernos tan cordialmente.- Una lástima que en el resto del mundo cuando uno hace turismo no existan otros Antonio Loayza; el turismo sería otra cosa.-

Eugenio Dominguez Zegers
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